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A Glance At Some Of The Finest E-Book Readers

Technology has really significantly modified the present day world in all aspects. No wonder the traditional idea of reading too has been redefined in the present times. More and more folks are switching to e-books these days owing to the ease of usage it offers. In case you too like reading e-books over traditional books, it is suggested to get hold of an eReader. The market is flooded with numerous forms of the same, but a few are more well-liked from the rest. Here is a list of the same.

Amazon Kindle tops the list of the preferred e-book readers accessible in the market. It is supposed to be the device that initiated the trend of eReaders. At first, two versions of the Kindle were launched particularly - the Kindle 3G and the Kindle Wi-Fi. Unnecessary to say, the 3G version is slightly more expensive. It allows you to download e-books whenever you desire and read them. So, in case you want to read books on disability, you can download them and read them as per your ease.

The Barnes & Nobles Nook is also considered to be one of the greatest accessible eBook readers. It is equipped with many handy features, including a conventional black and white E-ink main display that also makes it a most coveted reading tool. The device has an additional touch screen; strategically positioned towards the bottom as well. Another great characteristic of this particular reader is its ability to support most formats as well as compatibility with external memory cards for greater storage space.

In case you’re searching for a more advanced version of the eBook reader, look no further than Sony’s PRS 900 Reader Daily Edition. This is among the best of the many eReaders offered by Sony. It has a 7 inch screen with touch navigation. So, even in case you’re reading heavy texts on subjects like patents, you will have no issues, navigating from one page to the next. The only downside to this particular eReader is the steep price tag attached to it. The reader is one of the most expensive in the world at $399 a piece.

Another great option in the world of eReaders is none other than Spring Design Alex. This is not just an eBook reader and is instead, a full blown android. It is also much bigger in size as compared to its other counterparts and offers increased functionality. It features a dual screen layout, with a black and white eReader on top and a touch screen LCD at the bottom. So, you may use this device to watch videos that guide you on step by step self tanning as well as read your fave books. The device is also compatible with a diverse variety of formats.

So, wait no more. Pick your pick and get started with your e-reading right away.